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17 December 2020

前海合作區 - 香港工程建設領域專業機構及專業人士執業備案管理辦法

The Qianhai Authority (前海管理局) has promulgated new measures which facilitate the construction and engineering related professionals and enterprises to start practice and business in Qianhai, through a registration system to acquire equivalent Mainland qualifications for providing services in Qianhai. For the engineering related professionals eligible to be registered in Qianhai, R.P.E. in Building Services, Civil, Electrical, Geotechnical and Structural Disciplines are included. The new measures have been effective from 1 October 2020 for a period of five years.

前海管理局now accepts both on-line application and hardcopy application. Enterprises and eligible R.P.E.s who would like to apply for registration in Qianhai may download the forms and follow the procedures stipulated in the registration guide (備案指南) available at the following links:


For the enterprises who would like to choose on-line application, they are required to choose “其他有效机构身份证” in the cell“单位/企业证件号码” and input the Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate number.


For R.P.E.s who would like to choose on-line application, Mainland mobile phone number is required to be provided during registration. If he/she doesn’t possess any Mainland mobile phone number, please apply registration with hardcopy and send the application form together with the required documents to the designated address.

2 June 2020

Renaming of the Manufacturing & Industrial Discipline

Effective from 24 June 2020, the Manufacturing & Industrial Discipline will be renamed to Manufacturing, Industrial & Systems (MIS) Discipline. Following the renaming of the Discipline, the relevant documents of the Engineers Registration Board would be updated accordingly.

November 2011

* Building Services (Building) and Materials (Building)

To dovetail with the registration requirement of RI under the Buildings Department, the Engineers Registration Board has recently set up sub-lists of R.P.E. (Building Services (Building)) and (Materials (Building)). Applicants for inclusion in the sub-lists must be a R.P.E. in the Building Services or Materials Discipline with three years relevant experience meeting the respective vetting criteria. (Vetting criteria for R.P.E. (Building Services (Building))) (Vetting criteria for R.P.E. (Materials (Building)))

If you wish to be included in the sub-list of R.P.E. (Building Services (Building)) or R.P.E. (Materials (Building)), please submit an application by sending a CV highlighting your working experience in meeting the respective vetting criteria to for vetting. You will be notified of the application results in due course and if approved, your registration period for inclusion in the sub-list would be in line with the registration period of your R.P.E. (Building Services)/R.P.E. (Materials). Should you have any queries, please contact our Registration Officer Miss Esther Wong at 2830 9026.

Successful applicants for R.P.E. (Building Services (Building)) and R.P.E. (Materials (Building)) would need to submit separate applications for registration as RI to the Buildings Department and to satisfy the registration requirements prescribed.