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2016 Election Committee Subsector Elections

Important Notice from Registration and Electoral Office

According to section 30(1)(a) of the Schedule to the Chief Executive Election Ordinance (Cap. 569), a person/body will be disqualified from voting at an election of a subsector if he/the body has ceased to be eligible to be registered as a voter in the subsector. In addition, according to section 16(1)(a) of the Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance (Cap. 554), a person engages in corrupt conduct at an election if he votes at the election knowing that he is not entitled to do so. He is liable on conviction to a fine of up to $500,000 and to imprisonment for a maximum of 7 years.

Qualifications for Registered Inspectors under Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS)

The Buildings Department has launched the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) with the Registered Inspectors (RI) as the qualified person to carry out mandatory building inspections and supervise repair works under the Buildings Ordinance, following the enactment of the Buildings (Amendment) Ordinance 2011 in June 2011 and the approval of the Legislative Council to the subsidiary legislation setting out the implementation details of the MBIS in December 2011.

Under the MBIS, Registered Professional Engineers (R.P.E.) in the Building, Building Services (Building)*, Civil, Materials (Building)* and Structural Disciplines satisfying the respective experience requirements as stipulated in the Building (Administration) Regulation and the relevant Practice Note are eligible to apply for registration as RI.

If you wish to apply for registration as RI, please submit your application to the Buildings Department. Application form and relevant materials could be found on the Buildings Department website at Please contact the Buildings Department by email to or by phone at 2626 1616 if you need further assistance on the MBIS and RI matters.

* Building Services (Building) and Materials (Building)

To dovetail with the registration requirement of RI under the Buildings Department, the Engineers Registration Board has recently set up sub-lists of R.P.E. (Building Services (Building)) and (Materials (Building)). Applicants for inclusion in the sub-lists must be a R.P.E. in the Building Services or Materials Discipline with three years relevant experience meeting the respective vetting criteria. (Vetting criteria for R.P.E. (Building Services (Building))) (Vetting criteria for R.P.E. (Materials (Building)))

If you wish to be included in the sub-list of R.P.E. (Building Services (Building)) or R.P.E. (Materials (Building)), please submit an application by sending a CV highlighting your working experience in meeting the respective vetting criteria to for vetting. You will be notified of the application results in due course and if approved, your registration period for inclusion in the sub-list would be in line with the registration period of your R.P.E. (Building Services)/R.P.E. (Materials). Should you have any queries, please contact our Registration Officer Miss Esther Wong at 2830 9026.

Successful applicants for R.P.E. (Building Services (Building)) and R.P.E. (Materials (Building)) would need to submit separate applications for registration as RI to the Buildings Department and to satisfy the registration requirements prescribed.


Voluntary Building Assessment Scheme e-Newsletter Issue No.1 (February 2015)

Voluntary Building Assessment Scheme e-Newsletter Issue No.1 (February 2015)